~~ An Esoteric Researcher / Investigator and New Age Philosopher ~~


Peter Cayce has over forty-four years of experience conducting extensive research into such subjects as Christianity, Kabbalah, Buddhism, The Cult of Eckankar, Spiritualism, Mysticism, Astrology, Numerology, Tarot, Bach Flower Practionering, and Esoteric Philosophy -- to name a few -- and has studied theology and philosophy from Jesuit priests and Salesian brothers.

He has also conducted comprehensive research and analysis into various psychics, clairvoyants, and mediums -- and has investigated psychic phenomena. Furthermore, Mr. Cayce is not an atheist as some Christian critics claim. He has deep reverence for God, Jesus, and all things spiritual.

In fact, one of Mr. Cayce's most prominent "philosophies" has been (and continues to be) that he cannot and will not make a judgement on any issue, subject, theory, or ideology until he has researched it. Many of the above subjects were studied in depth with this specific philosophy in mind.

It's certainly O.K. to be an open-minded skeptic, but one must -- at the very least -- always research and study a subject first before formulating an educated opinion on any particular ideology, topic, or belief structure.

How else can one uncover falsehood?

How else can one uncover truth?

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